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  • EXTRASCOUR NF-100: Low foaming nonionic scouring agent. [TDS]
  • EXTRASCOUR ALK: Alkaline stable scour for bleaching/scouring. [TDS]
  • STABILIZER 100: Bleaching stabilizer for peroxide. [TDS]
  • EXTRAQUEST 22: Sequestering agent for bleaching/scouring. [TDS]
  • EXTRALUBE 100: Lubricant to prevent creases and rope marks. [TDS]
  • EXTRAZYME PK-100: Enzyme to eliminate peroxide. [TDS]


  • EXTRALEV SDC: Leveling and chelating agent for reactives. [TDS]
  • EXTRALEV AL: Leveler, dispersing, lubricating- dyes to reactive and disperse [TDS]
  • EXTRALEV NY: Acid dye nylon leveling agent. [TDS]
  • EXTRASPERSE 400: Dispersing and leveling- cotton and synthetics. [TDS]
  • EXTRALUBE 100: Lubricant to prevent creases and rope marks. [TDS]
  • POLYFIN T: Wicking agent- imparts hydrophilic properties. [TDS]
  • EXTRAFIX W-600: Fixing agent for reactives and directs. [TDS]
  • EXTRAFIX NYL-100: Acid dye nylon fixing agent. [TDS]
  • EXTRAFAST WD: After-scouring agent for increased fastness. [TDS]


  • EXTRAGUARD F-48: Fluorocarbon water repellent and soil release. [TDS]
  • EXTRASIL 620: Amino silicone softener. [TDS]
  • EXTRASOFT C-200: Cationic fatty softener. [TDS]
  • EXTRASOFT K-100: Cationic softener blend. [TDS]
  • EXTRASOFT CP-25: Cationic polyethylene softener. [TDS]
  • EXTRASOFT NP-25: Nonionic polyethylene softener. [TDS]
  • HYDROSIL 720-W: Hydrophilic silicone softener. [TDS]