Process problem solving, cost savings and innovative product development are the hallmarks of interaction with customers.

Process Problem Solving

We listen intently to our customers' problems, ask relevant questions learned from 40+ years of textile processing experience and offer solutions of effective chemistry and processing recommendations.

Cost Savings

Producing high quality textiles at reasonable costs is very difficult in this global market. We are constantly leveraging our high volume raw material purchases to offer customers the most competitively priced chemical and process cost savings.  We offer the highest concentration of product possible to minimize our customers freight and inventory costs.

Innovative Product Development

For our customers' new product marketing requirements, we focus the activities of our research and development labs onto these needs. On a regular basis, we ask what new fabric/garment properties our customers need so that we may satisfy those needs as soon as possible.  We anticipate the need for new properties instead of being reactive to those needs.

Chemistries Manufacturing

Basic chemistries we manufacture to make our products include:

  • Esters, Amides, Imidazolines, Betanes: Cationic, anionic and nonionic softeners and intermediates.
  • Polymerization: Acrylic polymers and polymeric dyeing/finishing agents.
  • Phosphation: Dyeing assistants and intermediates.
  • Polyester reactions: Wicking agents and hydrophilic finishes.
  • Silicone reactions: Amino and hydrophilic softeners and other process auxiliaries.
  • High density polyethylene: Cationic and nonionic softeners, sewing and napping aids.
  • Hot oil reaction capability: Can produce a wider variety of auxiliaries at high temperature and pressure.